Workshops & Trainings

Client Background

We were approached by a mental health clinic who holds workshops & trainings in Australia for Psychologists and mental health practitioners.  They were using direct mail, electronic direct mail, and press releases to notify customers of upcoming events.  Facebook was trialled by the clinic prior to our start with some successful outcomes.

The client budget was $2,500 per month plus retainer.

Project Scope

Our approach consisted of the following steps:

  1. Review the existing account, it’s current customers and frequency of customers to purchase again, determine the possible market size, and review current Facebook results and targeting.
  2. Build a database of prospects from LinkedIn who met the criteria of a paying customer “Psychologists and Mental Health Professionals”. This database was to be used to build the optin email list and to find other mental health workers within the industry.
  3. Become the main advertising method along with electronic direct mail to greatly decrease the cost of customer acquisition.

Project Details

After reviewing the account history we determined that the cost of mailing each prospect was around $5 and magazine ad’s were low response and around $10,000 per issue.  This was ok, but ould be improved with a direct response approach.

  1. Created new content for the customer’s news feed, to engage with their audience and drive qualified traffic back to the website to increase page relevance and build the email database.
  2. Create short snippets of video to increase reach and lower ad cost, this was coupled with engaging thought provoking copywriting.
  3. Build a weekly marketing email template with accompanied Facebook engagement campaign
  4. Substantially reduce the display network spend and Instagram which was highly inefficient
  5. Rewrite all the ad copy to make it more compelling and increase click through rates.
  6. Create highly targeted audiences through interest, demographic, economic and behavior insights.

These actions were completed during an initial 3 month test program.


Since rebuilding and taking over management of the campaigns, the Client’s paused all other forms of marketing with the exception of electronic direct mail.  The results were excellent with a revenue of $1.1million in ticket sales from a $10,700 ad spend (Workshop tickets were approx. $1000 for 3 day trainings) compared to a previous spend of around $200,000 in direct marketing costs.


  Prior to takeover 90 Days After  
Spend $200,000 $10,700
Sales / Leads 1,200 1300
Cost per lead $167.00 $8.20


Client Feedback

The Client is extremely pleased with the increase in the number of inquires from their Facebook spend and why wouldn’t they be, the cost per acquisition resulted in a saving of $189,300 on one workshop.  With 8 workshops scheduled for 2017 the result will save the business over $1.5million in advertising costs.

The client has increased the allocated budget three fold and retained us  for over 9 months, happily committing to a further 12 month term in Facebook Marketing