Social media is amazing for clinics and specialists thanks mainly to the viral nature that it can have. Here are three ways we think clinics and specialists should be using social media to grow their online presence and increase the amount of patients they are seeing day to day.

1.Facebook Ad’s – Worldwide, there are over 1.55 billion monthly active Facebook users and growing fast. Day to day, individuals are connecting with their friends. Many individuals trust their friends reviews, recommendations and opinions when it comes to big life decisions – Utilising Facebook to its full potential means posting engaging posts, images, helpful blogs and articles that appeal to your target audience. Being consistent is key here. 3-5 posts a week is ideal to build momentum on your page to become and stay visible with your fans.

2. Google Plus – Linking your Google plus page with your local map page is an important step that will help you rise to the top during location-based searches for your industry. Be thorough when setting up your Google+ page – add all relevant contact details, logos or images and make sure to use keywords you want to rank for and keywords your potential clients are using to find your business. Google has a preference for their own applications – so posting your blogs and articles from your website to Google+ will increase your Search engine optimisation ten fold.

3. Youtube – Youtube is a fantastic medium. The options are endless when it comes to what you could be posting. From short helpful videos, diagrams, statistics – the world is your oyster. You could be answering frequently asked questions or commonly discussed questions – you can easily become a visible expert in your field – worldwide and locally. Getting your Facebook fans to subscribe to your channel is key as subscribers will get email notifications whenever you post new content. Youtube is fabulous as it makes it easy for subscribers to share with their friends and family which increases the vitality of your videos.

If you have any questions about how you could be using social media more effectively, or if you would like to outsource your social media – contact us and we can have a quick chat about how we can help set you up properly online, save you time and help grow your business.