They Who Rule Facebook Advertising, Will Rule Business in 2017


The social media platform’s user base has grown to 1.79 billion monthly users, a 16% growth compared to September 2016.

Facebook now has 24% of the World’s population as its monthly active users including 13.5 million in Australia!

Just look at the comparison between Twitter v Facebook !

Twitter Cards vs. Facebook Lead Ads?

Here it is an example of a Twitter Leads Card Ad:

Here an example of a Facebook Lead Ad:

Facebook Lead Ads outperformed Twitter Cards by 336%.

The average cost-per-lead in Facebook Lead Ads was $3.48, while for Twitter Cards it was $11.70

That’s a HUGE difference. Basically, you could get three times as many leads by advertising with Facebook Lead Ads than in Twitter Cards.

See the actual results here

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