Gina makes $30,000 a month selling pooper scoopers online.

Michelle struggles to pay rent each month.

Gina and Michelle both sell pet supplies on Shopify. They dropship from the same suppliers, they’re in a lot of the same Facebook groups, and it seems like every time Michelle turns around, Gina is talking about scaling another winning product— the same products Michelle has for sale in her store, that no one is buying.

Michelle is tired of Gina getting all the sales she should be getting. A pooper scooper’s a pooper scooper for heavens sake.

Two entrepreneurs selling the same products – one is able to scale her business beyond what she had ever imagined possible.

For the other, reality bites: she struggles to cover costs, working long, tiresome hours just to break even.

Why does Gina win and Michelle lose? Here’s why.

Gina is a damn good storyteller.

You see, while storytelling is a unique approach to advertising, it is actually the oldest and most effective form of communication.

Humans crave stories.

Stories trigger primal, emotional responses in our brains…
the kind of responses that drive us to take action. To buy stuff.

Imagine what it would do for your bottom line if your customers craved hearing from you.

Imagine the ability to make 5 figures a month selling pooper scoopers.

Recently, we took on a client like Michelle, selling workshops online at $850 a pop. They had all the pieces, but things weren’t quite coming together for them.

They were seeing a response with Facebook ads, but their purchase cost was astronomical.

They needed to do better.

When we analyzed their existing campaigns, it was apparent they needed a strategy for their creative. The messaging lacked clarity, the ad copy was boring.

They had a proven offer, so we knew it was simply a matter creating sales messages that were meaningful to the right people. To engage followers and generate excitement with new prospects. To compel them to take action.

This is what good storytelling does best.

By developing a story based strategy for their ads, we not only brought their CPA down from $167 to $8.20, but over a period of 6 months we generated $1.1 million in sales. Total adspend? $10,700. No bull.

Want to start telling stories in your ads?

Here’s a simple formula:

Best tip: start with the problem. That instantly engages people and grabs attention- we’re hooked, we NEED to know what happens next (like here, why is Gina making so much money and Michelle struggling to pay rent each month, when they are selling the same things!!??)

Simple sample structure:

1. What problem does your product solve?
2. Why does solving the problem matter?
3. HOW does your product/offer/service/solution solve the problem?
4. What does life look like now that the problem is solved? (should tie back to #2, why does solving the problem matter)

Go forth and make ye some $$,$$$